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Max, Simon, and Sally came to join Lucy in spreading awareness!

Lucy and Sally took part in a 5 mile walk of hope for people suffering from mesothelioma – a lung cancer caused by asbestosis.  The charity is mike knighton mesothelioma research fund and is run by chris knighton.

they talked to many people on the walk both about mesothelioma and about there bags!

Lucy and Sally visited a farm.  They remembered the visit with dr Russel Cartwell and his talk on hygiene!  if you have not seen the video check it out on Youtube or on the website www.thebowelmovement.co.uk.


While at the farm, they looked at the animals, Lucy petted some animals, they went on a tractor ride and played in the play area.

After a fun day, the girls are now relaxing and having a bath!



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