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collette and lucy’s adventures

Lucy went out and about in north shields to meet people,educating them about stomas and telling people about her upcoming zipwire off the Tyne Bridge. On her journeys she met some wonderful people!

Lucy and Dr Russel went to say hello to the bowel cancer awareness team.  Spreading awareness about ostomy’s, the unspoken ‘cure’ to bowel cancer. The team were wonderful and weredoing a great job! Lucy reminded them that the syptoms of bowel cancer are alsothe same symptoms for UC and crohns, and if they get younger people saying they suffer from these syptoms to maybe suggest these as possible causes.

Collette went out and about in a herons van

Lucy and collette went to the Salts wellbeing open day.  Collette met Gemma and has went to spend some time with her, collettes adventures with Gemma will be blogged soon!

Lucy spent some time with John from stomawise

She enjoyed spending time with medilink bear


Church, check-up with Dr Russel, and a new best friend!

Yesterday our mascot went to Whitleybay Baptist church.

She met Pastor Paul Newman, and had fun meeting Eric the geordie worship leader and many others. She also went into sunday school (powerhouse) where she had a great time!  To see more pictures go to our website.

Today  our masccot had her check-up with Dr Russel


He was very impressed with her progress since her surgery!  He also introduced her to another young ostomate called Lucy! 

They have become best friends, and after their check-up with Dr Russel they spent the afternoon out and about.


  They went to fidgets in whitley bay to get their hair cut.

Then went to a toddler group where the other children made them very welcome! 


Visit our website to see more pictures of their fun.  They are both very tired now so have gone to bed.  Keep coming back to see there adventures both together and individual.

Where would you like to see them?  And what would you like them to do?

The local paper and the NACC meeting!

Our stoma doll met the reporter and photographer so hopefully she will get into the local newspaper to promote her adventures, especially the zipwire!

Today she went along to the local crohns and colitis UK (NACC) group.  She had a great time meeting fellow members, especially the chairman Tom!


View more pictures from the meetng on the website!  She is looking forward to going back again in April!  Tomorrow our stoma doll will be going to church for the first time and attending sunday school! 

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