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What a first week!

Today marks 1 week in the life of our mascot.  It is good getting out and about with her and people asking what we are doing, it is easier to show her stoma, and I hope it is bringing awareness and people beginning to accept it!  A lot of places have been extremely accepting of her in there groups and businesses.  I promised I would give these a mention, places which are aware of ostomy’s and are extemely open to people with all disabilities, places where  myself, and our doll has been accepted with open arms! 

German4kids, run by Silke Browell.  Fun german classes for all ages.  see her website – www.silkeBrowell.com

Christ church primary school, north shields, tyne and wear

Salvation army toddlers, tuesdays am/pm, north shields, tyne and wear

Christ church toddlers, wednesdasy afternoons, north shields

Whitley bay baptist church toddlers, mondays am/pm, whitley bay

Whitley bay baptist church, excellant creche and sunday school split for all age groups. whitley bay

Colostomy association support group, molineux centre, byker, friday mornings 10-12

Walker technology college, walker, newcastle.  Womderful head, staff, and the amazing school pastors!

At the end of a long week our stoma doll took a rest, it is a lot to do in one week!  Follow her many more adventures!  she will be zipwiring with me on the 16th june!  sponsor us at www.sponsor-me.org.uk/meardonna.




First Days!

Today our mascot took off her hospital gown, got dressed and went out for the first time!  She went to nursery, played on the adventure playground, went to a cafe for lunch, then played at a toddler group, went to German class, visited a local colostomy group and went to high school!  View her pictures on oour website!  I think she is going to have a rest over the weekend, as she is still recovering from surgery.

Hello world!

This blog is the adventures of our mascot, who has yet to be named!








She arrived on the 22nd February 2012.  She arrived in her hospital gown.    She got dressed and although she is new to having a stoma she has already been out on adventures!






Follow her adventures here!

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